Hello, I’m Shawn Thomas Anderson. I’m a copywriter and branding specialist by day, writer of picture books, middle-grade (MG) stories, and young-adult (YA) fiction by night, early morning, and whenever I can find the time to get the words in. I love writing short stories and have published several in various anthologies.

My home is a far-flung corner of New England known as Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. It’s a magical place where moose, bear, and deer wander through your backyard, and everyone rocks flannel. It’s a great place to work, raise children, and write, write, write.

I’m a child of the ‘80s,

Definitely a Ravenclaw,

Wannabe covert X-Men member,

Whole-hearted supporter of Barb from Stranger Things,

Grim reaper to all plants and most technology,

Twitter enthusiast at @ShawnTWrites,

And passionate about all things writing, publishing, and kid-lit related.

Join me for some plotting, drafting, revising, and querying.
Buckle up. It’s going to be a wild ride.




777 Nameless Ave
New York, NY 00000


+1 555 555 5782