6 things I’m obsessed with this fall

Shawn Thomas Anderson_6 things I'm obsessed with this fall.JPG

1. Aaaaah, it’s finally sweater weather
I’m trying to switch things up and not wear so much black. I’m gravitating towards darker jewel tones — mossy greens, electric blue, maroon — but there’s always a spot in my heart (and closet) for good old Addams-Family black. I tend to go for cotton, merino wool, or cashmere—the thinner knits—so I can layer on a blazer or windbreaker, depending on the occasion, casual to professional.  

2. Leather sneakers—no, shoes—or are they boots?
The Timberland Tenmile Chukka Boot (love the name): These hybrids were a splurge last fall, but I get so many compliments on them, I had to get a couple replacement pairs in different colors. They’re dressy enough for work and writing conferences, yet casual and comfortable enough for bumming around on the weekends up here in Vermont.

3. Checkmate! My love for checkered Vans
After binge watching Stranger Things and reading READY PLAYER ONE last year, I find myself constantly looking for my next retro ‘80s fix. I love listen to the music when I am writing or driving in the car. I watch The Breakfast Club, Alien, Blade Runner as often as family will allow. I grew up having multiple pairs of black-and-white checkerboard Vans; I even had the sheets on my bed growing up. That’s why these high tops hit the spot—or check.

4. Word play on word gear
Guess what? Writers like words, and I’m no exception. I like them all over the place: on socks, a canvas pen pouch, a notebook, a ceramic plaque that sits on my writing desk… Everyone needs inspirational quotes and words of encouragement throughout the writing process. Why wait for someone to come along and give them to you? I like to surround myself with them.

5. Fall reading: horrific monsters to psychotic killers
This time of year, I crave something scary and a little unsettling. It’s magical when an author creates a good jump-scare with words. I’m gravitating toward ghost stories, dark fantasies, and the just plain creepy. For graphic novels, I’m slowly working my way through THE WALKING DEAD compendiums.

6. Writing workshops versus conferences
At this point in the writing process, I’m looking to gather and connect with other writers and hone my craft. I recently attended daylong programs with Jo Knowles and Chris Tebbetts, and a weekend mentor-driven Big Sur on Cape Cod led by authors, editors, and agents from the Andrea Brown Literary Agency. Now it’s time to hunker down and focus on one last round of revisions before querying.