Shawn Anderson fridge.jpg

I'm currently renting the house that I leave in, and it came with the world's ugliest refrigerator. The upside to having this monstrosity as a major focal point in the kitchen is that I can use it as a gigantic vision board.

Shawn Anderson fridge magnets 1.jpg

I love to decorate it with my kids, and we have a substantial refrigerator-magnet collection to display. Places we go, movies we like, TV shows we watch, favorite artists, and random geekiness—anything is fridge fodder.


Along with posters, flyers, and magazine covers, our rent-a-fridge has become a work of art and a labor of love.

Shawn Anderson fridge magnets 4.jpg

We rotate the stuff around and change it up every season. Inspirational quotes, snippets of humor, and magnets that express a fondness for books and writing are among my favorites. Yay! Life! magnets are great, and it's a Vermont company. Quotable magnets also keep me inspired and on a forward path with my writing.

Shawn Anderson fridge magnets 3.jpg

Now if we could just do something with the hideous stove lurking in the corner!